News update Lifetime Technology

After the Life Time Technology Co., Ltd has announced the news to CF PAY members about 100% buying Lifetime Coffee franchise. Within 1 week, There are a lot of people who interested. However, it’still under processing and considering on the franchise application.Sort from candidates who have the best location first. For the benefit of all members, the company is pleased to receive all your feedbacks.

The company has set guidelines for the marketing of the coffee franchise business by expanding the branches as much as we can so to support the business that will be developed in the future.

We intend to market the French Coffee to the consumer, make the brand different and reduce the cost fees.

The company raised the concept by targeting the expansion of Frenchies coffee in Bangkok and perimeter then we will expand into various provinces. Moreover,we will make a delivery within 15 minutes to customer after we had received a confirmation of the order. If the delivered is more than 15 minutes, customers will receive a free coffee. All of these to respond to our consumers and hope that they will be very satisfied with the products and services.

In addition, the company is currently accelerating the implementation of CFPAY to be available on the website so it can be support various platforms. At the same time, we alos in the process of preparing to apply and get a license with Securities and Exchange Commission so to comply with the legal process and to ease the concerns of members in the use of services.

On the next Friday, we will meet and updated the new service called “Chat 99 baht”. Is under concept ” Everyone can have a chat bots to help with trading business”.

Mr.Phimongkol Thaophiban said “We believe that everyone want to do business”. Especially online sales which some people do it as a occupation. Some people want to do for an extra job. We would like to help so that customer can use a bots to work in a tangible price.
Within half this year, we aim for 1 hundred thousand users.

From the above mentioned, the company has the intention and aims to solve the problem to all members in sincerely.