Lifetime Technology aims for 100% growth in NIX/IIG business in 2019

After starting domestic NIX service with 100Gpbs and IIG with 1Gbps in late October,both of Thai and foreign customers became interested in Lifetime technology services.Consequently,Our Director and general manager has decided to go through NIX/IIG market in 2019 with National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission license.

Besides,Lifetime Technology also provided other services,such as Internet Data Center(IDC), Content Delivery Network(CDN) + Peer to Peer which are latest technologies that will increase connection speed and international information usage.

Lifetime IIG or Lifetime International Internet Gateway is connection and international internet data exchange from Thailand to world’s internet hub which make clients,especially internet service providers,be able to connect efficiently with network in Asia,United State,and Europe.Internet Service Provider : ISP need connections to various web hosting services in various countries.


LifeTime NIX 100G 


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LifeTime IIG 1G

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Lifetime IDC COLOCATION SERVICE is latest data center with high security for client’s servers.Lifetime IDC is Data Center service provider that has high speed secured network with ISO standard in design and construction.

Private Room

16 private rooms with 1.30 x3.00 m and one rack for each room provided for VIP customer,secured by three factors authentication system which includes officer’s pass,face recognition,and server room’s PIN code.

Data Center

Our data center has automatic conditioning system for temperature and humidity control,circulate the air from the front to the back of server and equipment with air repeaters, four sets for active-standby.

Fire Protection System

Our Internet Data Center uses twelve IG 100 Nitrogen extingusihers to control fire case for three zones,such as Network&Electrical room,Server room,and Walkaway zone.If there is a fire in Network room,fire extinguishing system will be actived only at Network&Electrical room but will not be actived at Server room and Walkaway zone.

Internet data center

was equipped with high Performance Smoke Detector System which can detect invisible smoke and send warning to officers to prevent fire by oxygen reduction but still leave oxygen for officers and fire figther.Our fire protection system is CFC Free,get a global called standard.

Limitless Worldwide Network

Ready for global connection service,connecting all Carrier Providers by telecommunication network both of domestic and international and both of CAT and TIG with highest speed 100 Gbps.Also,customers can manage speed as needed.

 Lifetime CDN Service

Lifetime Content Delivery Network or CDN is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers to send data to user at highest speed with availability to increase efficiency for data access.

Data or Contents which were sent by CDN are various,such as message,image,document,software,or multimedia file.Those contents will be cached and stored in distributed terminal servers or “Edges”.When data was requested,the nearest server will accept request instead of far source server which reduces data transfer time more than 50%.

CDN Usage Benefit

CDN is beneficial for web hosting service provider,content owner,application services,and Internet Service Provider(ISP).

To web hosting service provider : Using CDN will make data loading and online transaction become faster for your web hosting service and application.

To content owner : Better customer experiences for website,e-commerce,online media service provider,and cloud service provider by faster data access,especially customers in foreign countries.Increasing data access efficiency,guaranteed security such as DDoS attack which leads to long-term brand loyalty.

To ISP : Since Online Streaming using rate and Video on demand keep increasing,CDN will improve efficiency for audience with appropriate quality for various platform,such as notebook,smart phone,or traffic.Plus,CDN will reduce network and server traffic by distributing contents to stored at CDN system.Besides,ISP can present CDN as business solution for large organizations and content owners.

“However,we have high confidence in being a part of market share after various preparation in 2018 such as, AI,IDC,Big Data and Lifetime Coffee service.Our AI have NPL that we developed it by ourselves which is our strong point in this field.I strongly believe that we will reap what we sow in 2019” Mr.Phimongkon Thaopiban said.